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new standard for cell phone chargers

Posted by: Boris-Karloff on 03/16/2009

Dear Mr. Green:

I read your blog on the new standard for cell phone chargers. I’m wondering how you see this being played out over the next few years?




Submitted by MrGreen on 03/24/2009

Thanks for the question. This is a prime example of what I call a “Stakeholder Driven” (SD) specification, because it’s driven by a consensus of product manufacturers and not by a government agency or commission. The mobile phone arena seems to be fertile ground for S-D initiatives. The GSMA’s Open Mobile Terminal Program (OMTP) initiative mentioned in my blog not only attempts to standardize the form factor and output of the cell phone charger around USB, but also sets a 4-star no-load power consumption of ≤ 150 mW. It’s pretty ambitious but could definitely gain traction with the major players behind it.

Submitted by tommyjon on 02/03/2012

We are now seeing this same low voltage solution for wireless telephone headsets. Cell phone headsets will continue to use this style of charger well past it's prime as it is a efficient solution.

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