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2SC0650P2 Scale 2

Posted by: Michael Serafin on 01/07/2022

Greetings. I'm working on upgrading some treater control components (Corona Treaters) and I am getting some confusing results. I have the Scale-2 (2SC0650P2C0-17) and I'm using a Productivity 2000 PLC with a PWM module to provide the input trigger signal to INA. I'm running this in half-bridge mode (22nF capacitor and 100k resistor across pins 7 and 9). I have pin 8 shorted to pin 9 for minimal blocking time. I have the GND pins connected (pin 1 to pin 9). Here is where it gets confusing. If I connect pins 2 and 10 (+15VDC) together and turn on the PWM, I get no output trigger signals. If I do not connect them together, I do get a trigger output when the PWM is turned on but it's erratic. If I then connect pin 2 to pin 10 to supply +15VDC to pin 10, the output triggers become steady. However, I'm not getting an output trigger that is even close to the input signal. I have attached a photo of the O-scope display. CH-A is the PWM signal from the P2000. CH-B is output trigger for channel 2. CH-D is output trigger for channel 1. CH-C is the IGBT output. I followed the instructions as closely as I could in the Description & Application Manual for external component values for the output channels. 

I need 12 to 20kHz triggering to run the treater IGBTs. If anyone has any ideas where I went wrong, please let me know. 


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Submitted by PI-IWH on 01/11/2022

Hi Michael Serafin

thanks for approaching us.

it is difficult for me to address the problem so far, since there are some missing information to understand your case 

but according to your description here are some comments 

1, the right way to power the Core is : connect pin 2 and pin 10 , and both are powered by a 15V DCDC supply , the problem you described makes me feel you do not have dedicated circuit to make the stable power connection for the Core. Coz, I can hardly image I have the freedom to do what you've done on a ready-made PCB

2, for the picture your attached , I need to understand what the "output trigger for channel 1" is , same for channel b and "IGBT output". In general , we are expecting a +15V/-10V waveform between Emitter 2 and Gate 2 (in fig7 of the manual), same for channel 1, first you need make sure you always have -10V for this so called Vge signal. however in your waveform attached, i can not tell. if the -10V is not respected before you're sending the PWM, the output Vge will never right, I would suggest you to check this point at first 


looking for your feedback 

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