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Supply current for 2SP0115T2C0-17 driver board

Posted by: guidofor on Mon, 05/17/2021

Hi everybody,

we are about to start a new project using the 2SP0115T2C0-17 driver board but don't understand what is the necessary current for the 15V board supply. We use the driver boards with Mitsubishi CM450DX-24S modules. On page 3 of the driver board datasheet it is specified that the typical current for the 15V supply is 33 mA without load. However this does't give us any idea for the necessary current under loaded conditions, we need to know the maximum current for the 15V supply when the driver board is driving the half-bridge leg. Thank you.

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Submitted by PI-IWH on Wed, 06/16/2021

Hi guidofor

thanks for approaching us

You can refer to the "Absolute Maximum Rating" section -> Average supply current Icc is 290mA in datasheet

and read note 2 to avoid driver overload

this 290mA is the limitation of the driver board, the acutal current for driving a half-bridge is highly depends on your module and fsw