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Short-circuit protection 1SC2060P

Posted by: Hirofumi on 11/04/2021


I have purchased some 1SC2060P and made  some gate driver boards. Using that gate driver board, I tested to drive the power module(MOSFET).
When I checked the operation of the short-circuit protection, I found that no matter how many volts I set Vce, the short-circuit protection was not activated.
If you know the cause, please let me know.
The gate voltage of the power module I used is +20V/-5V, so I added a VEE-Regulator referring to the application note AN-1601 figure 4.
Is there any possibility that the short circuit protection function cannot be used when the VEE-Regulator is used?


Submitted by PI-IWH on 11/06/2021

Hi Hirofumi

Thanks for choosing the gate driver product from Power Integrations

The 1SC2060P has VCE pin equipped for short circuit detection function, and it is independents of VEE regulator circuit.

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