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Setting arbritary gate drive voltages for 1SC2060P

Posted by: IanJann on Sat, 05/15/2021

Hi, lets take any arbitrary gate voltage that I want to drive a Transistor with, (for instance lets say Gate voltages +20V to - 10V), this document details how to achieve arbitrary values:

At the very begging in the document, under the title "VEE-Regulator", its explained that the voltage between pins VISOx / VISO and COMx / COM (=Vtot) will be the total switched voltage(in this example 30V), but my question is, where does this voltage come from? initially it seems that Vtot = VDC, so you would then apply 30V to VDC and GND on primary, but due to what i've read in the documents I am sure this is wrong. It would be great of someone could clarify to me how Vtot is set.

Since VDC can take max 16V, will this mean that Vtot will be 16V and then VGate High + Vgate Low = 16 at max?


I would appreciate any feedback, thank you