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mod pin on 2SC0108T2D0 has a default value?

Posted by: hsong@phoenix-… on 05/27/2021

mod pin on 2SC0108T2D0-07 is used to select "direct mode" or "half bridge" mode. If I leave this pin unconnected , is it OK? will the module stay at direct mode? Thanks


Submitted by PI-SG on 06/16/2021

Dear Hsong

Thank you for your question. It is not recommended to leave 'MOD' pin unconnected. To be sure that the driver works in direct mode, 'MOD' pin should be grounded. For further information on implementation of direct mode or half-bridge mode, I encourage you to go through our Application Note AN-1101 Application with SCALE-2 Gate Driver Cores:

Regards, PI-SG