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Gate Driver SID1183K

Posted by: vagnerca972 on Thu, 07/15/2021



Can someone help me with a doubt?

Here in my company, we are using the IC gate driver SID1183K in a Project and we are having some problems.

When we put the chip in switching mode(5kHz) it works well but if we put the chip in continues mode(zero hertz), the chip doesn't work. The VISO supply voltage drops to 12.4V and turns off the IGBT pulse.

I’d like to know if this chip works in continue mode(zero hertz) without an output stage driver  or if it is necessary an output

stage driver.


Best regardless,


Eng.  Vagner Camilo


Submitted by PI-SG on Tue, 07/20/2021

Dear Eng.  Vagner Camilo

Thank you for your question. Your query has been assigned to one of our FAEs and he will e-mail you shortly to discuss this with you.





Thanks for your response.

I'll wait the FAEs