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1SP0635V2M1-FZ3600R17HP4 Power Supply

Posted by: HJS on 11/16/2021


For a 1SP0635V2M1-FZ3600R17HP4 we would like to use a ISO5125-45 DC/DC converter as power supply, but its output voltage ist 25 V DC and the 1SP0635V2M1 requires 15 V DC. The bus voltage for the 1SP0635V2M1 is specified at 25 V DC, which is exactly the specification of the ISO5125-45.

Is it possible to use the ISO5125 with the 4-pin flat cable to supply the 1SP0635V2M1-FZ3600R17HP4?






Submitted by PI-IWH on 11/18/2021

Hi Hans-Joachim

The 1SP0635V2M1-FZ3600R17HP4 has an on-board DC/DC converter to provide the isolation between primary and secondary side, thus you can use a non-isolated power supply to power the driver.

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