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TNY268 Replacement

Posted by: paolo.prestifi… on 01/10/2022

I've seen TNY268 is not for new design.

I want to replace it without changes in the power transformer.

It is possible to use a Tinyswitch-4?




Submitted by PI-Wrench on 01/10/2022

If you are concerned with using the same transformer with the new part, you will want a part with a similar range of current limit to be able to deliver the same output power without saturating the transformer during startup.  As far as current limit is concerned, the TNY286 has an almost identical drain current rating - unfortunately, the pinout is different, so the layout would need to be changed to accommodate the new part..

Submitted by paolo.prestifi… on 01/11/2022

Thank You for the reply.

So I can use the same transformer and I only need to change the PCB?

Submitted by PI-Wrench on 01/11/2022

Yes, you would need to change the layout. It would be a good idea to download the datasheets for the TNY268 and TNY286 to compare the respective pinouts.