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RDR-737 uses unshielded inductor?

Posted by: treez on 05/01/2022


I noticed RDR-737 uses a non shielded inductor. As you know, the inductor comprises the switching node. As such, why has a non shielded inductor been used in RDR-737

(The RLB9012 series).

Also, why does the LNK302 datasheet say that any standard offthesheld inductor will do. as long as it meets current and temp....why is it not recomending a shielded inductor?


Submitted by PI-skoozie on 05/03/2022

Hi treez,

Thank you for your interest in our product. 

Shielded inductors are mainly used for radiated EMI reduction. The design does not have any radiated EMI requirement so we opted to use an off-the-shelf unshield inductor for cost considerations. You may still use a shielded inductor but make sure it meets the temperature requirements.

We hope this resolves your inquiry.