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LNK6777E and PI Expert

Posted by: Pavlin Stoyanoff on 01/12/2022

Greetings! I am using PI`s product for a very first time. I`ve tried several times to create a design with PI expert, but I can`t find a option where LNK6777E is available. What option should I choose? Now my design is generated with 6767. Is that a problem?

Because I made the pcb and now my output voltage is only 3V, not 24 as I expected.

Any suggestions?



Submitted by PI-Yoda on 01/20/2022


to use LNK6777E in PIExpert

1. Open and select 'Create New Design'

2. In LinkSwitch Product Group select LinkSwitch-HP Flyback and then PIExpert tool

3. Enter your specification for Input, Output and design Preferences

4. Cancel the optimization preferences

5. Select 'Design/Options' on the left

6. Change the selector 'Low BVDSS Device Preferable' to  NO and confirm the changes with pressing OK

7. Select the controller on the schematics and in the list the part LNK6777E will be available


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