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LNK364 pinout

Posted by: dietert1 on 04/27/2022

What is this? It appears to be a PI LNK364 and appears to work, yet with a different pinout. I bought this in Sao Paulo some days ago.


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Submitted by PI-skoozie on 04/28/2022

Hi dietert1,

Thank you for reaching out to us with your concern.

The correct pinout configurations can be found in the datasheet and it seems the pinout does not match. You might need to check if the product is genuine from where the IC was purchased. We hope it is from one of our official distributors.

In addition, this is an old product of ours. You may consider redesigning with LinkSwitch-XT2, a newer version.

Kindly make sure to purchase from our official distributors.

We hope this helps you with your concern.