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LNK306 for 24V, 225mA supply?

Posted by: treez on 05/10/2022


Do you think it will be OK to do a LNK304 design for Buck....24Vout, 225mA output, with VAC input = 100-265VAC?

I noticed all the App notes show 12V output.


Submitted by PI-skoozie on 05/10/2022

Hi treez,


Thank you for your interest in our product.


According to Table 1 on the datasheet of the LinkSwitch-TN, the typical output currents for mostly discontinuous conduction mode and continuous conduction mode are 120 mA and 170 mA respectively. 225 mA output is beyond the current capabilities of the LNK304 so this would not be possible.


We suggest using the LNK305 for continuous conduction mode operation or LNK306 for discontinuous conduction mode or continuous conduction mode operations. Kindly use our PI Expert Online tool for your design.


We hope this answers your inquiry.