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LNK302 with 5v output?

Posted by: treez on 05/01/2022


Is the LNK302 ok for doing 100-373VDC to 5V, 100mA in Buck configuration? (None of the App scms shows 5vout).

Since it will be in CCM, (due to minimum on time of 475ns, do you agree this will need a SiC diode  (which means a TO220), since <35ns diodes are not to be found in stock in many places at all now?

Also, is the LNK302 ok for doing 60Vdc to 12Vdc, 100mA? (again in Buck)

I saw it says min drain volts is 50V, but i presume there is the need for much headroom above that?


Submitted by PI-Enderman on 05/03/2022

Greetings treez,

Thank you for your interest in our product.

According to the LinkSwitch-TN datasheet the LNK302 is not able to deliver 100 mA. We recommend you use the LNK304 instead. I made you a PI-Xls design using LNK304 for the 5 V 100 mA. You may use the attached AN-37_LinkSwitch-TN_Design_Guide.pdf to help you while designing. You will find a list of recommended diodes and specifications to look for on page 5, table 5 of the design guide.

We recommend a DC input voltage greater than 70 VDC for the LinkSwitch-TN. Here is a design using LNK304 for the 12 V 100 mA. Kindly consult the design guide to aid in your design.

We hope this resolves your inquiry.

Best Regards,


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