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INN3270C Complies with Overvoltage Category III?

Posted by: Fernandez-Lozano on 07/04/2022

To use the INN3270C in in-wall products, it is necessary that comply with the overvoltage category III.

Is the INNO GaN Series qualified to comply with this requirement?

Thanks in advance!


Submitted by PI-Kazuya on 07/11/2022

Hi Fernandez-Lozano,

The point of installation of our equipment dictates the Overvoltage Category (OVC).
Equipment which are supplied from wall outlets and intended to be connected to the AC MAINS SUPPLY shall be designed for OVC II.

InnoSwitch devices (including INNO GAN), as part of the equipment, were evaluated under OVC II.
OVC III were not the used for our component level qualification.

OVC should be considered with regard to the end product application, including Pollution Degree (PD) and working voltages.

I hope it helps.

Best regards,