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Inductors for LNK302...insulation/voltage rating?

Posted by: treez on 05/01/2022


We are doing a Buck using LNK302 for 100-265VAC to 5V, 100mA.

Which offthe shelf PTH inductors are recomended? you know, the voltage across the inductor can be as high as 370VDC when ON, so are there any inductors offtheshelf which are not recomended?

I see the RLB9012 family is used in RDR-737, but what other families are acceptable.? The RLB9012 datasheet doesnt actually state the voltage rating.


Submitted by PI-Waer on 05/03/2022



Any off the shelf inductors with the required voltage and current rating should be fine. For your application, the inductor voltage rating should be greater than or equal to Vin - Vout.