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Get a proper adc converter?

Posted by: Aubreyhu on 02/25/2022

Hello all,
I'm looking for some advice on a analog to digital converter. I'm currently using an older Macbook pro with a Toslink cable to a Cambridge CXA60 running as a preamp to 2 NAD amplifiers. I have a new Macbook pro but Apple decided to drop the optic capability from their headphone port that the older Mac has. Are there any USB-A or USB-C analog to digital converters that supports Toslink? Before this I refer to some common points, and then search on the Internet, well I see a few cheapos around on line but they have widely mixed reviews.

The older Mac I'm using works fine but crashes for random reasons and the spinning disk is real loud whereas the new Mac is solid state. I'm not wanting to rebuild the old when I can get a new device around the same price.

Anyone has ideas of it? Thank you in advance.


Submitted by PI-Wrench on 02/28/2022

This is a question best posed on an audio forum like This forum is for questions about power supplies using PI products.