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Doubt to connect several AC-DC outputs

Posted by: pcampos on 07/25/2022

Dear all.

We have a doubt with one of our design. We have our own opinion but we would like to know yours.

We have the AC/DC design attached. It is a LinkSwitch-TN2 to build a AC/DC converter from three phase (85-265 AC) to 12Vdc@250mA. We use this design in several devices and works fine.

But in a new device/application we are thinking, we neesd to connect several devices output in a chain (attached chain.png). This will connect the 12Vdc output of each converter. VCC_BUS in the schema (There is not Isolation problem)   

Do you think this could be a problem? Can we do that?

Thanks to all



Submitted by PI-ZBDelta on 07/29/2022

Hi pcampos,

The idea seems feasible but we have not tested it yet.

An ORing diode should be added after the pre-load resistor to prevent the output of the converters from interfering with the feedback of each other.

Please see attachment

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Schematic with ORing diode.png 18.2 KB