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Ventilation and heat manage about inn3378,inn3678, and lnk6665,6667

Posted by: jason brody on Tue, 06/15/2021

I`m the student developer who purchased LNK6665,LNK6667 and consider buying inn3378and 3678.

I don`t really want to fry my PCB for my sloppy design, So I have to ask here first.

My product will have 40x40mm ventilation hole. And I use Open Frame while I use Pi experiments. Will 50x5mm heatsink be enough to cool the LNK6665?

And Do I have to put heatsinks on INN3378 and 3678 when they are on the same PCB? Is putting heatsinks on INN3378 and 3678 useless?


Submitted by PI-Salt on Tue, 06/22/2021

Hi Jason Brody,

P.S. Reposting this comment from the other thread:

Thank you for showing interest in Power Integrations and its products.

There are wide array of design you could look through since your specific design is only less than 30W. INN3378 and INN3678 doesn't need big heatsink unless you are operating at more than 65W output power. The good thing for InnoSwitch3-Family is its high power capability.

Here is the link where you can already find solutions/designs that are similar to your specific design requirement:

You could filter/sort out the Inno3 products that I think suitable for your application.

Lastly, I would like to suggest the following DERs that you might want to check: