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Unable to make battery charger using LNK6666E.

Posted by: Sid_1012 on Sat, 06/12/2021

Hello everyone , i know this might sound stupid question but please go easy on me , as i have already developed CV power supply of 12 V 6 amp using LNK6666E  which is working very fine but  now i need to develop a battery charger of 4-5 amp for my in project application so i was wondering that is there any kind of thing that can change   in transformer or in circuit to convert my 12 V 6 amp CV power supply to constant current  12 V battery charger  ( using LNK6666E) . 


Submitted by Imprdeep on Sun, 06/13/2021


for cc cv circuit go with TOP266eg, I dont think its possible on LNK6666e but i might be wrong.

Hi, if we are in CV mode, it is possible for your supply to handle 12V 4A- 5A for your project applications since it's already handling 12V 6A. However, if you want a CC power supply of 12V 4-5A, I don't think LNK6666E can provide that since it doesn't have a CC feature in the first place. I suggest you use the innoswitch3- CE IC for this. Thanks!

thanks mate for your input , ya by going through datasheet and  doing practical i get to know that it cant be used in CC mode .