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TOP270EG OutPut Voltage High Issue

Posted by: dushyant2180 on Thu, 09/30/2021

Dear Sir,

I have designed SMPS for 77-143V DC input to 32V,2.7Amp output with the help of Pi Software tool.

But,after simulation and all real world output voltage is coming around 44V at  no load.Putting load it is 0V output. Device is restarting again and again, Control Pin voltage 5.8v to 4.8V fluctuation. Schematic is attached for you reference. Please, guide me and try to find out the issue.


Input Voltage: 77-143V DC (110V DC Nominal Input).

Output: 32V, 2,7Amp Peak Current ( 1Amp Nominal Current continuous).



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TOP270EG_ Power Supply Design. 644.28 KB


Submitted by PI-Cylon on Thu, 10/14/2021

Hello dushyant2180,

sorry to hear that you are having trouble. I am looking at your schematic to see why you are having issues.

In order to figure out why the design is not working, it would help to get more info. Did you use PI Expert or PI XLS software to make this design? If so, could you please attach your design file?

Submitted by dushyant2180 on Sun, 10/17/2021

Hello Sir,

I have used the PI Expert software to make the design.

Design file is attached as requested.

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77-143DC_32Out.pdf 2.21 MB
Submitted by PI-Cylon on Wed, 10/20/2021



could you also give a .uds file for your design so I can open it myself? You can get it by downloading it through the File Manager (Open Design) menu.