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Posted by: vagnerca972 on Tue, 07/13/2021

Hello everybody,


Recently we have achieved some TOP260YN and almost none have worked.

After we bought another components from other suplier and all of them have worked.

Comparing both, we detected that the resistence betwen pins S and G were diferents. In TOPs good, the resistence betwen pin S and pin G were zero and the TOPs bad, the resistence were high.

We would like to know if PI made some changes in this two pins and functions along the time of existence of  this IC project or if we bought a false IC/bad provided.

I am sending the pictures of two components to you see if you can recognize some strange caracteristic on package or inscription on the component body.

I am saying about 50 bad pieces.


My email is

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Submitted by PI-Wrench on Wed, 07/14/2021

Unless you buy from approved distributors, it is quite possible to end up with fake/remarked parts. There have been no changes in the TOP-JX series that would account for the measurements you observed. 

The pictures you mentioned did not show up here, so please resend. I will pass the information along to our QA department to determine if the lot codes are from a real fab run, or are fake numbers. BTW, this is not the first instance of fake PI product I have run across in questions from Brazil.

Submitted by PI-Wrench on Fri, 07/16/2021

Picture of bad component has been passed to QA.