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Slightly extending Innoswitch3-EP output voltage.

Posted by: on Thu, 04/29/2021

I have a design using a Innoswitch3-EP with 5V,3A for EU Mains voltage working well however I am now required to make another branch of the same form factor with 40V,0.5A. I was hoping to reuse as much of the design as possible but I am alittle bit puzzeled how to handle the VOUT voltage limitation.

I think the FWD pin voltage limit is solvable with single mains input. Do you see any safe option to clamp VOUT or supply this throw an LDO?

P.S. I do understand that there are other options that might be technically better suited but it would be really simple to reuse the same switcher.


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Submitted by PI-PIke on Tue, 05/04/2021

Hi Mattias,

Sorry but right now we don't have a solution on higher output voltages.

Putting a clamp on FWD/VOUT will result to confusion on controller switching detection.