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Is PFC needed in TOP261 228W design?

Posted by: jason brody on Sun, 04/25/2021

I`m student developer who really uses your product.
While using TOP261, I have some questions.

One of my processor says PFC parts must be included in my design when I make my product if my product exceeds 100W and input voltage is 85~265VAC.

And while PI Experience, I found suggested design doesn`t include PFC at all.

(And there are no TOP261 in universial voltage input)

so I have a confusion. I used AL6562A as my PFC, Am I doing it right?

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Submitted by PI-Mallora on Thu, 04/29/2021

Hi Jason,

It is a regulatory standard to have a good PF beyond 70W in US and Europe.  Most customers in China doesn't require good PF even at higher power so it varies with customers or the regulatory that bounding your applications.  You can put any PFC you wanted to connect as an input to Topswitch.  If you want you can also use PI Hiper-PFS PFC.  Thank you.