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Packing out a bobbin with nylon "wire" to reduce fringing effect heating on transformer coils

Posted by: treez on Mon, 05/03/2021


I notice DER's often use custom bought nylon served Litz wire for eg PFC inductors, or LLC transformers, Two transistor Fwd  transformers etc.

This is expensive and hard to source. Better to use TEX-ELZ would you agree?

To avoid heating in coil due to closeness to the centre leg gap in a  ferrite  core, simply pack out the bobbin with nylon fishing attached.

What are your thoughts on this?

It means you can use TEX-ELZ instead of that "40 strand AWG28 Litz", which is expensive


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Submitted by PI-Wrench on Mon, 05/03/2021

This might work if you are willing to accept a lot less room for actual wire on the bobbin as a consequence and are OK with fiddly time extensive optimization in the lab, documenting the exact procedure, getting an XFMR vendor to buy into it, and paying for an extra manual labor step in construction. With served Litz, you just just wind in one step and are done. People time in manufacturing is expensive. Also, if you are filling up part of your winding window with nylon, you may have to use a larger core so that you have room for the required amount of copper.