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Isolation on DER-865

Posted by: gid204 on Sun, 07/18/2021


I was wondering if any recommendation on whether it’s possible to isolate the DER-865 for safety reasons. Perhaps through something like a digital isolator? Is such a thing possible and would dimming functionality still be possible?

Thanks in advance


Submitted by PI-Crumb on Mon, 07/19/2021


Safety isolation is usually implemented on system level. Most dimmers on the market are non-isolated, but there are no user-accessible parts so there are no safety risks.

If you need isolation for the switch/slider, it is possible to implement it if you use a 3-wire config (with Neutral) and use isolated flyback. You can use a digital isolator for all the signals that you need to sense - ON/OFF state and dimming position. However, I advise that you insulate the system instead of going this route.

Hi, thanks for your quick response!

Just to clarify, by 'system level' isolation and 'insulate the system' do you mean physically blocking off all electrical components so the user cannot physically touch anything?


Yes, that's correct. The DER is an example for in-wall dimmer applications and the user-accessible parts (the switch or dimmer slider) are electrically insulated such as using plastic materials.

OK thanks for the confirmation.

I was also wondering if there is anyway to get the firmware that is running on the NRF as the DER doesn't appear to be for sale?


The DER is not for sale. However, I advise that you contact our local Sales/FAE if you wish to request for the evaluation board.