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Input low cut and high cut in LNK6666E

Posted by: Imprdeep on Tue, 06/08/2021


i made a 10w circuit using lnk6666e and its working fine except one thing if i use feedback resistor 39k than input lower cut off is 60V and higher cutoff is 290v and if i use 68k than AC low cutoff is 120V but high cut is not working. i want to set lower cut at 120 and higher cut at 285VAC is it possible to do it because changing resistor isnt working?


Submitted by PI-ZBDelta on Tue, 06/15/2021


Only the undervoltage turn-on threshold is selectable.

Overvoltage turn-off will be positioned according to the undervoltage turn-on threshold.

For more information see AN-58 - LinkSwitch-HP Design Guide page 8: Line Sense (VUVON, VUVOFF).