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InnoSwitch4-CZ Development Kit Availability.

Posted by: Christos on Mon, 07/05/2021


We intend to use InnoSwitch4-CZ in our next project, but, by now, there isn't any development kit available on the P. I. site...
Additionally, we can't find any component in any distributor...

So I wonder if it's better to wait a while and, yet, use InnoSwitch3 in this project...
Can you give me a direction?


Christos A. Harissis


Submitted by PI-Radiant on Thu, 07/15/2021

Hi Christos

 Thank you for considering our product for your application. InnoSwitch4-CZ just got launched and our distributors are working on stocking the samples and reference design kit. In the mean time, feel free to contact PI local sales office for assistance regarding its availability. In case you can let us know your address, we can assign our sales team to initiate the contact as well.