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InnoSwitch3 ok for 150W +/-DC output?

Posted by: Ricky Lam on Tue, 05/04/2021

Hi, I would like to ask if InnoSwitch3 is ok for 150W +/- DC output design? If not, any other recommendation for very no-load consumption and no heatsink?

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Submitted by PI-Radiant on Mon, 05/10/2021

Hello Ricky

 Thank you for considering our product for your application. InnoSwitch3 is most suitable upto 100W. Considering that your application requires 150W, please consider our Hiper family of ICs that support CCM boost PFC, Two-Switch Forward and resonant half bridge (LLC) converters. In case you are able to provide us with the input voltage range and the exact output voltage, we may be able to help you with choosing the exact part.




Submitted by Ricky Lam on Wed, 05/12/2021

Hi, thanks for your suggestion. Input AC voltage is full range 90Vac-265Vac

I found there is a RDR-747 65W 20V design, is it possible to use two of them, one provide +20Vdc and the other provide -20Vdc? The AC LINE filter, bridge rectifier, input 400V cap etc. is shared for the two INN3xxx 

We want design without heatsink and low no load AC power consumption, height is limited <20mm

We also need a 5Vdc @2A output, is it possible to add a DC-DC converter from the above +20Vdc output for the 5Vdc directly? The +/- 20Vdc are for power amp IC supply.