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DER-865 Multiple Load Configuration

Posted by: gid204 on Wed, 07/21/2021


I'm trying to find a way to configure DER-865 with multiple load switch and dimming capabilities. Would anyone be able to assist in recommendations? Is there a way to do it without multiple LNK Modules.


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Submitted by PI-Crumb on Thu, 07/22/2021


Here's an idea. Use one DER-865 to control the AC line (phase cut) for dimming. Hardwire external on/off or slider switches to other GPIO pins of the BLE module so that any changes to these switches can still control the main switch.

It is also possible to wirelessly transmit the signal just like how the DER is able to communicate with a phone. For that, it will require another BLE module that can pair with the main switch. This module does not have to be connected to the AC line so you don't need and LNKSwitch. You can use a battery to power this BLE if you want. In this approach, you may need to use a BLE mesh type of communication to be able to connect multiple BLEs. You can also try Zigbee.

Submitted by gid204 on Thu, 07/22/2021

Hi thanks for your response. I feel I didn't word my original question very well so I'll give it another go.

I want to implement this design to control on/off and dim 4 separate mains loads (lights). How would I connect these 4 loads to the Z2 pin of the LNK modules for zero cross detection on all four loads?

I’ve attached an image of my own solution based off a 2 load system, if you could provide feedback as to whether you think it this would work.



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Thanks for the clarification. While the dimmer design can dim multiple loads simultaneously, individual dimming would require separate switch element (triac or Mosfet) and would require separate ZCD control.