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DER-507 Inductor

Posted by: Michele Mocellin on Wed, 09/29/2021

I'm working on a non isolated ac-dc converter in particular on DER-507 desing. 

In order to reduce the pcb footprint it's possible to replace the L1 inductor (744772332) with a small one in particular with the SDR0503-332JL a 3300uH 0,45mA inductor ?

Thank you for your replay.


Submitted by PI-Chloe on Tue, 10/05/2021

Hi Michele, 

Thanks for dropping your inquiry to us. 

No, L1 cannot be replace by SDR0503-332KL. This choke is 45mA Irms and 62mA Isat. 

The L1 current peak current will go to the Ilimit specs of the LNK3202. DER507 have reduce current limit as per datasheet inductor current will reach 134mA which is above the SDR0503-332KL Isat rating.