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Battery charger 12V 5A(min)

Posted by: cth000182 on Thu, 11/18/2021

Any reference designs for a 2 stage (or more) 12V, 5A (minimum) battery charger? i.e. CC (or constant power) to set voltage, then CV

I found a few within the resources, but wanted to reach out if anyone else had any luck? Also, any dev kits for such an application?

Thanks in advance! 


Submitted by PI-Tarmo on Fri, 11/19/2021

Hi cth000182

Thanks for considering using Power Integrations Product.

We have a reference design for battery charger which uses HiperLCS and LinkSwitch.

Also, may I inquire what are your charging specifications? Why do you need a 2 stage for a 60W battery charger?
I can recommend to look at InnoSwitch3 CP product to use on your project.