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PIXls Transformer library

Posted by: Ytuloyal on Tue, 08/05/2008
Hi, I am doing a power supply design with PIXls and I also use E422120 transformer, but it doesn't exist in transformer library. How Can I update PIXls designer transformer library.


Submitted by PI-Spock on Wed, 08/06/2008
PIXls is an excel spreadsheet replica. You can simply enter the core name and the associated parameters AE, LE, AL and BW directly in the gray shaded boxes in column B. The next time you open the spreadsheet these parameters in column B will be restored.
Submitted by deva on Fri, 12/20/2019

PIXIs vs PI expert suit,
Is PIXIs transformer library and PI expert designer transformer are same? If both are same then why these libraries are showing different results of transformers for same design? I am designing a charger based on DER-580. Why I am not getting same transformer for same DER-580 design in both libraries? (version 10.2)

Submitted by PI-Star Lord on Thu, 01/02/2020

Hi Deva.

PIXLS and PI Expert trasformer libraries are not the same altough very similar. PI Expert offers a greater choice of transformers and bobbins.
PI Expert automatically selects a transformer that fits your design in terms of power and size.
PIXLS hasn't got this ability, so you need to select the core you are interested in manually.

If you need a core which is not present in PIXLS or PI Expert libraries you can always add it.
In PIXLS you can manually add a custom core by selecting the option CUSTOM from the drop down menu and manually overwriting all necessary trasformer parameters.
In PIExpert you can alway add a user defined core by adding it to the components database.

if you need additional help in doing that, do not hesistate to ask us. You can continue posting on this thread.

Best regards
PI-Star Lord