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Suggest Solution for 100VAC to 528VAC ( 480VAC +-10%) with single output 15V , 10W Only

Posted by: kunal.barot@ci… on 08/27/2021

HI PI support

we need to design SMPS with below Spec. Please suggest best Switcher for this and also share if any reference design is available.

1. Input AC range is 100VAC to 528VAC  (480V+-10%)

2. Single Output 15V,  0.667A  (10W) , CV

3. Application :- Industrial Use

4. Should have EMI Protection Circuit

5. Output SC Protection

6. Input OV Protection

8 Input to output isolation >4KV




Submitted by PI-MrScott on 08/30/2021

Hi Kunal,

Thank you for showing interest in Power Integrations and its products.
Currently, The highest voltage-rated products from PI are InnoSwitch and LinkSwitch, both of which have 900V variants.
You may use reference design DER-745 as a starting point for your own designs.

However, the maximum input AC of 528VAC exceeds the rated input voltage of DER-745 (420VAC).
The components may be replaced to further fit your input voltage requirements.
You may also use our design tool PI-Expert with the InnoSwitch-3 EP 900V and check whether it would fit your specifications.

Submitted by uyi justin on 09/02/2021

Hello everyone,i can't seem to find a suitable replacement for lnk306 for my washing machine pcb;all that is available is 304 and 305..the lnk304 does not power the machine at all and the 306 gets heated up even without load conditions.Please i would really appreciate any suggestions and solution to this problem..


Hi uyi justin,

Thank you for reaching out to us through this forum page. If may I request, can you please create a new post or thread for your inquiry? If you find this link related to your question then you may simply copy the link. We will wait for your new post.


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