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LNK3206GQ : Lowest Possible working Input voltage

Posted by: kadamrohan16 on 08/04/2021

Hello All , 

I am designing a buck boost configuration using LNK3206GQ  switcher . The  minimum input voltage in my application is 59.2VDC but as per the datsheet of the IC , its 60VDC

1.will this switcher IC work for 59.2 VDC volts of input voltage ?

2. In the datsheet minimum drain pin supply voltage specified is 50V . whats its significance ? is it the lowest possible working input voltage for IC ? there any documentation or reference to confirm that the switcher ic will work for 59.2V ?

Please provide your comments .

Thanks in advance .


Submitted by PI-Chloe on 08/09/2021

Hi Kadamrohan16,

Thanks for your inquiry. 

The 50Vdc is where the drain can bias the internal circuitry of the LNK TN2. 

The 60V specs is 50V + 10V margin. 

With this data, the 59.2Vin is still acceptable and IC can still operate in this range. 


Regards PI-CHLOE 

Attached  is the schematic for Buck Boost Vout =70V.

on bench testing , output is not reaching to 70 volts instead getting to  67.6V at Vin_min (60V)  and 65 V (160) at Vin_max. 

components values  are taken from PI tool except R3 and Css ( soft start cap).

what could be the issue ?

Please give your suggestion




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