Date Title
Sep 17, 2015 Power Integrations Revolutionizes Auxiliary & Standby Power Supplies with New 725 V InnoSwitch-EP ICs
Sep 17, 2015 U.S. Department of Energy Battery Charger Standard Makes Progress
Sep 15, 2015 Power Integrations Delivers Industry's First Charger Interface IC Compatible with Qualcomm's Quick Charge 3.0 Technology
Aug 31, 2015 EPA Kicks off ENERGY STAR Spec for Electric Vehicle Chargers
Aug 26, 2015 ENERGY STAR'S 2016 Most Efficient Criteria Moves Forward
Aug 21, 2015 DOE Finalizes Test Rules for External Power Supplies
Jul 29, 2015 Power Integrations Reports Second-Quarter Financial Results
Jul 28, 2015 European Union Reconsiders Efficiency Label
Jul 14, 2015 New CEC Building Standards Focus on Lighting Efficiency
Jul 13, 2015 Power Integrations to Announce Second-Quarter Financial Results
Jul 10, 2015 EPA Revises Large Network Equipment Spec
Jul 9, 2015 Addressing the Problem of Shimmer and Flicker in LED Lighting
Jun 23, 2015 HiperPFS-3 Power Factor Correction ICs from Power Integrations Target Light-Load Performance
Jun 4, 2015 NRDC Report Confirms That Energy Vampires Are Still at Large
May 28, 2015 Mr. Green Looks at the Efficiency of Smart Lamps
May 27, 2015 CAPZero-2 IC Safely Discharges X Capacitors up to 6 µF
May 20, 2015 Europe Considers Revising Efficiency Rules for External Power Supplies
May 19, 2015 Power Integrations Simplifies Design of Industrial PSUs for 440-VAC Line Input
May 19, 2015 1200 V Dual-Channel Gate-Driver Core From Power Integrations Eliminates Opto-Couplers
Apr 30, 2015 Mr. Green Looks at Recent Changes to ENERGY STAR's Display Program
Apr 29, 2015 Power Integrations Reports First-Quarter Financial Results
Apr 15, 2015 Power Integrations’ New Charger Design for Smart Mobile Devices Showcases High Power Density Capability of InnoSwitch ICs
Apr 14, 2015 Power Integrations to Announce First-Quarter Financial Results on April 29
Apr 13, 2015 ENERGY STAR Lamp Spec Gets Makeover
Mar 30, 2015 DOE Proposes New Rules for Boiler Power Efficiency