CEC Proposes New Computer Efficiency Requirements

The California Energy Commission recently published proposed efficiency requirements for computers and displays. The CEC claims that savings could be as much as 2,702 GWh per year, reducing public electricity costs by up to $430 million annually. To learn details about the proposal and what the next steps are, visit the Green Room.

Power Integrations Extends Compact 1200 V/1700 V SCALE-2+ Dual-Driver-Core Family with More Protection Features

Power Integrations today launched its latest SCALE™-2+ dual IGBT-driver core, the 2SC0435T2G1-17, which is the most compact product in its power range with a footprint of only 57.2 x 51.6 mm and a height of just 20 mm. The new SCALE-2+ technology enables Soft Shut Down (SSD) to be implemented in the event of a short circuit without requiring additional components. This is particularly beneficial in applications with low stray-inductance where full Advanced Active Clamping (AAC) may not be required. If desired, the core can also provide full AAC.

New Qspeed 150 V Diodes from Power Integrations Deliver Winning Combination of Switching Speed and Softness

Power Integrations today announced a new family of Qspeed™ 150 V diodes. The fastest silicon diodes in the world, Qspeed LQA150 series devices also feature excellent softness for low EMI. Based on the company’s Qspeed merged-PIN technology, the diodes have the lowest junction capacitance (CJ) and lowest reverse recovery charge (QRR) in the market – respectively 60% and 40% lower than trench Schottky devices.

U.S. DOE Focuses on General Service Lamps

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) recently considered next steps for requiring tighter efficiency standard for general service lamps. As a result of their discussion, the DOE has proposed five potential efficacy levels. The new standard is expected to be finalized by December 2016, with an effective date of December 2019.To learn more about what's being considered, visit the Green Room.